Every quarter I go on retreat for a week to choose the projects that deserve my best energy every day. These are in pursuit of my mission: to make the world a better place for kids, by helping adults strengthen their communities, communicate effectively and peacefully, and create environments that support play

Q2 – 2021

1. Find / join / contribute to online communities daily.

2. Plan visits to intentional communities in US. Where do kids play outside and neighbors have potlucks?

Habit Goal: Get daily accountability partner. (Actual habits review and may change weekly)

Q1 – 2021

Dropped – 1) Create child-led documentary module for microschools.

Success! – 2) Treat anxiety holding me back from the work I want to do

Q4 – 2020

Success! – 1) Create an A+ podcast team. Systems.

Fail – 2) Become a great ‘boss’. “Clear is kind…”

Fail – 3) Declutter digital spaces by 80%.

Success! Habit Goal: One act of service each day. Putting it first in the focused-energy time of day again.

Q3 – 2020

Fail – 1) Publish 13 podcasts (including 3 with kids) for TheNewSchools.com

Success! – Habit Goal: Back to basics. Bedtime ritual that guarantees a high-powered morning.

Q2 – 2020

Success! – 1) Get in the conversation re: microschools and homeschooling / unschooling. Maybe culminating in content that showcases the founders and their journeys, etc.

Fail – 2) Study and implement the top team management / leadership strategies. Starting to manage managers, and to juggle more projects than ever, so I need to learn the systems that make that sustainable.

Dropped – 3) Plan travel of USA and world. A lot dependent on Covid19 of course.

Habit Goal:

Fail – Having intentional conversations every day. That means I prepare for the conversation for at least a few minutes, I have a notepad ready, and fill out a template re: my desired outcome and what the followup will be.

Q1 – 2020

Success! – 1) Serve unschool.school in any capacity.

Why? It’s a mission and a team I believe in. And because a team consisting of just me & my grandiose visions has not proven very effective.

How? Start with what they are offering publicly and be on the lookout for other opportunities.

Fail – 2) Finish my journey to a more minimalist lifestyle. Final hurdle: digital clutter.

Why? Clutter is costly. Having to delete something, or rummage through old files, every time I want to create something is too distracting.

How? The solutions exist, I just need to accept the financial costs, and the mindset that just because I can figure out a DIY solution, doesn’t mean I should.

Status: Content with incremental progress. It’s now fun enough to work on that I find myself doing it when I mindlessly grab for my phone.

Fail – 3) Hire the right person(s). I think this is the year I can hand-over my remaining business responsibilities to someone else.

Why? It’s not fun anymore, I’m not learning, and I don’t need more excuses to procrastinate on my mission work.

How? The next step is to learn and experiment with better hiring practices. I can’t expect to win the lottery again!

Habit Goal:

Success! – Going to bed on time. [Which means starting dinner on time, which means finishing my evening work on time, which means starting my afternoon break on time, which means waking up on time, which means…]

Projects on Hold

Seeking anyone publicly demonstrating (not just discussing) non-threatening conflict resolution with children.  Meanwhile I am creating a podcast to interview people who do it professionally, like other Child Life Specialists, nannies, parenting coaches, etc. Discussing it on audio is a stepping stone to showing it on video. **I now have major doubt re the efficacy of modeling behavior on video. Perhaps more community/environment-focused changed has more impact.

Gather team to help create a playclub, (also an ideal volunteer position for myself), by December 30.  See my first attempt at documenting a journey like this here!

Transition to mentoring other real estate investors.
Next Objective – Find an apprentice or existing investment group wanting to diversify.

Create personal coaching handbook

2019 Completed Goals

Success! – Interview 5 guests, create 5 episodes by Sept 15.

Success! – Debut podcast by July 15 (2 days late.)

Success! – Establish regular coaching practice.

Success! – Streamline workflow to stop influx of digital clutter, and to make new work easier to publish.
Solution: Capture everything with Siri + TickTick, process every night, sort actionable items by Importance and Urgency (Eisenhower Matrix), move all Reference, etc to Evernote (Automated using TickTick -> Airtable -> Zapier -> Evernote). Since 90% of my tasks have soft deadlines, I tag for urgency and leave most undated except for Today, which is timeblocked in TT. Appointments go into iCal with alerts. Sunday review and plan the week ~90 mins, every morning plan the day ~20 mins.

Success! – Learn coaching (and how to get locals together) through My excellent and free local coaching circle in Summerville, SC.

2019 dropped goals:

Study and get connected with people in Self-Directed Education movement. Serve / apprentice with the best.
Next objective – Learn basics of 80% of the big names, organizations, their work, the field by July 21.

Build up web presence by showing my work. Non-anonymous publishing is a new process for me, so now re-evaluating what work from the last decade is worth sharing and how.
Next objective – Select genre to share by July 7.

Create a School – I want to share knowledge and skill in working with kids. Building a physical community is unnecessary overhead. Also can judge an idea by how supportive people are of it. When EVERYONE says “Wow great idea”, that means it’s probably not.