I can help with your podcast

[This page answers some of the questions Lenore had for me.]


Planned Let Grow Play Club this quarter and documented my progress here.

As a Certified Child Life Specialist, I did this kind of work:pictures explain it best : ) Much of the job is around advocating for play (in stubborn institutions) from an evidence-based perspective.

Podcast Hosting & Producing

My show: Getting Kids To Listen. I limit myself to one or two hours of editing per show. If it was for Let Grow, I would be much more thorough.

The episode with the best audio quality Catherine Glenn
The most energy/enthusiasm Shiela Keaise
The most professional/credentialed guest (and worst audio quality) Bonnie Compton
The most ‘hands off’ guest Jill Keefer

I’m still a novice interviewer. But I’ve been recording music+vocals for more than a decade (including with kids on the track below!)

I’d love to help you all in any way I can, on your podcast or otherwise, and I am not seeking any compensation. Could I get to know the people who are doing your first podcast episodes, and find a way to ‘sit in’ on that process?

What other help does your team need? Let me know in the form below, or call/email. Thank you!

-James Deas