Dear accountability buddy…

  • Acctbility Template

    🎏 Sun June 20

    ⭕️ Daily Habit: Something new! I will not be distracted from 830-12 and 3-6 every day. Starts Monday.

    No social, No internet or device usage except for whatever task I’m on.

    There will be plenty of exceptions for scheduled appts, etc. And breaks are ok, but not social or internet or play-on-device breaks. I expect a rocky start, mostly because I need to tweak some apps that currently send notifications at those times, and that might require some automating/scripting.

    β˜„οΈ WIG: Still a secret. But I have an acctbility partner to share it with. πŸ˜ƒ

    I’ll update this on Saturday:

    βœ… Sat June 26: I (did or didn’t do) it!

    (proof here)

    β˜„οΈ WIG:

βœ… Sat June 19: I did it! (below)

Tuesday was an internet emergency day. It wasn’t working. So I didn’t have music. Also for my top project I needed a task running in the background on my computer, and it had stopped. So I was hard at work, and on time, but not at my desk.

β˜„οΈ WIG: Progress…

I underestimated the time needed to complete my wildly important goal(s). And they are both projects that benefit from being on simmer.

🎏 Sun June 13

⭕️ Habit: This week I will START THE TIMER at my desk at 830 sharp every day.

Because I got there on time last week, but still didn’t start working.

Same stakes and rewards I think.

β˜„οΈ WIG: It’s a secret. Also finish last week’s project re: CRM.

βœ… Sat June 12: I did it! (below)

🎏 Sun June 6: This week I will be at my desk at 830 sharp every day.

I’m off to a good start! (ignore the overall percent, it’s a long story)


  • Daily reward for doing: High five? I have trouble thinking of rewards.
  • Daily punishment if fail: trash half of delicious morning snack.
  • Week reward: Hmm, I’ll just put a $ amount on it. It’s worth $100. So I might spend that on myself or on someone else, charity.
  • Week punishment: Post video of doing 20 burpees, all in one set.

The above is about a daily habit. I will also complete this most important project / task: deliver crm and blog about it.