My top 3 4 tips for living well:


  • Figure out what’s important to you, and dedicate time daily to nurturing it, and less on other things. Make a habit of regular tracking and re-evaluating your progress.


  • Happiness depends on your affective style, neurochemistry, and living condition, but is easily multiplied or divided by the quality of your relationships. If you’re truly not happy with the people in your life, changing other things won’t move the needle much. Ignoring it or trying to change them is unrealistic. Change yourself and/or get around different people.


  • You have a list of problems, some may be dreadful. But “I shouldn’t have problems”, etc, is a fabrication. Change your mind about that one and it’s off the list! Try it!


  • Choose your battles with mother nature carefully. Understanding and accepting how similar we are to each other, to monkeys, to mice, can be liberating. The nature of things is not your fault, and you can’t “fix” it. Don’t be upset with yourself or other humans for behaving like humans.


It’s nice to have someone to help stay on track with these things. I am a certified professional coach, and love working with this stuff. Drop me a line if you’re interested.