⚡️ Figure out what’s important to you, and dedicate time daily to nurturing it. Track and evaluate your progress, every day.

⚡️ Happiness depends on your affective style, neurochemistry, and environment, but the quality of your relationships act as a multiplier.
If you’re not happy with the people around you, you can:
1. Change the environment – won’t have much impact
2. Ignore it or try to change them – unrealistic
3. Get around different people

⚡️ Acknowledging how similar we are to other people, to monkeys & mice, is liberating. The nature of life is not something you can “fix”, and you’re not to blame for any of it! Don’t be upset with yourself or other humans for behaving like humans.

⚡️ You have a list of problems. Thinking “I shouldn’t have problemsjust adds another one.
Change your mind about that and enjoy a shorter list!

Want help putting these or any other mindsets into practice? I’ve coached professionally for a few years and love working w people on this stuff, drop me a line.