I believe that the most effective route to a peaceful and joyful planet (and home) is through increasing freedom and community for all people.

I’ve worked with children and families for over a decade, in elementary and middle schools, churches, and hospitals. I worked with the Children’s Defense Fund, with WINGS for kids in Charleston, and was a Certified Child Life Specialist for 5 years. (They wouldn’t go for the the job description I proposed, so I did that work on a volunteer basis.)

–>   Pictures of what a CCLS does!   <–

My first cooking job at age 19 was running the wood grill and butchering for The Carolina Yacht Club.

In my early 20s I met a master of songwriting and performing, cancelled all career plans, made a commitment to the band, and learned to play, record & edit over 100 original songs.

Started a business painting homes. Earned enough to support a 4-hour work week, but it wasn’t scalable.

Started two charitable textbook resale companies, hiring groups of students around the country. What made that idea profitable was also what made me quit: The Textbook Cartel (Universities + Publishers), scandalous!

After years of fruitless conversation, I left my family of origin and the businesses we were in together to find a community where children’s rights were upheld. I joined a somewhat primitive intentional community, worked in the Waldorf preschool and did child-care for everyone.

Started hosting local workshops, speaking and writing about everyday solutions for parents, and also about ethics / rights as applied to children. A tough sell!

Finally treated my ADHD, kicked the habits of ~15 years of drinking, smoking, not taking care of myself. Replaced it with early mornings, daily exercise and meditation. I never thought I would say it, but as of this writing, 2021, those habits are rock solid!

Formed a physical ‘peaceful parenting / homeschooling’ community with two other families and their children, based on the principles of peace and healthy relationships that we espoused. That “failed” from a personal standpoint, but from an experimental perspective the results fit the hypothesis perfectly; our predictions regarding the behaviors that would work and those that would cause failure were accurate!

Apprenticed my way into a real estate investment partnership, formed another partnership a year later, and grew them to ~20 homes. Passive income: neat! Freedom: scary!

Still determined to join or create a community that honors children’s rights, and to help families live a more peaceful and joyful life with their kids. To that aim, I became certified as a coach (to better connect with and motivate adults) and have started a couple of podcasts to share voices from the experts.

Things I like: Frisbees, beekeeping, playing piano and singing, board games, playing w dogs and cooking.