My mission: to make the world a better place for kids, by educating and inspiring adults to strengthen their communities, create environments that foster play, and to communicate effectively and peacefully.

I believe that the most effective route to a peaceful and joyful planet (and home) is through increasing freedom and community for all people.

I’ve worked with children and families for over a decade, in elementary and middle schools, churches, and hospitals. I worked with the Children’s Defense Fund, with WINGS for kids in Charleston, and was a Certified Child Life Specialist for 5 years. They wouldn’t go for the the job description I proposed, so I did that work on a volunteer basis.

Click here for pictures of what a CCLS does!

My first cooking job at age 19 was running the wood grill, and butchering for The Carolina Yacht Club.

In my early 20s I met a master of songwriting and performing, cancelled all career plans, took a vow to the band, and learned to play, record & edit over 100 original songs.

I started a business painting homes. Earned enough to support a 4-hour work week, but it wasn’t scalable.

I started two charitable textbook resale companies, hiring groups of students around the country. What made that idea profitable was also what made me give it up: The Textbook Cartel (Universities + Publishers), shame on you!

After years of fruitless conversations, I left my family of origin and the businesses we were in together to find a community where children’s rights were upheld. I joined a somewhat primitive intentional community, worked in the Waldorf preschool and did child-care for everyone.

Started hosting local workshops, speaking and writing about everyday solutions for parents, and also about ethics / rights as applied to children. A tough sell!

I finally treated my ADHD, kicked the habit of ~15 years of drinking, smoking, not taking care of myself. Replaced it with early mornings, daily exercise and meditation. I never thought I would say it, but as of this writing, 2020, those habits are rock solid!

I formed a physical ‘peaceful parenting / homeschooling’ community with two other families and their children, based on the principles of peace and healthy relationships that we studied and espoused. That “failed” from a personal standpoint, but from a more scientific perspective the results fit the hypothesis perfectly; the things we thought would work worked great, and the things we agreed would cause failure did indeed!

Apprenticed my way into a real estate investment partnership, formed another partnership a year later, and grew them to ~20 homes. Passive income, yay! Freedom, scary!

I’m still determined to join or create a community that honors children’s rights, and to help families live a more peaceful and joyful life with their kids. To that aim, I became certified as a coach (to better connect with and motivate adults) and have started a podcast to share voices from the experts.

I’m also into throwing Frisbees, beekeeping, playing piano and singing, board games, dogs and cooking.