Automations Around Event Dates / Times

Remind Team re: Tour

Scenario: you have a tour coming up and you want to (automatically) send a reminder to your team one day before.

Can I text them?

Integrating Airtable with SMS could be done. For example, by integrating with gmail it could compose a message to Zapier also offers some texting services. Sending a message through a proprietary service like Whatsapp, would be even trickier. Zapier may offer an integration.

The built-in integrations are here 

For simplifying any automation, stick with email.

Here are the upcoming tours, listed on your Events table 

Open the automations pane with the button in the top right… 

Create a new automation, and set the trigger as follows:

when the date is tomorrow.. 

We can just as easily make it ALL tours, by setting “when the event type” is Tour

The simplest notification to send is to simply add the other members of this base as “collaborators”. They will get a message saying “Airtable added you as a collaborator”. I work on teams where sometimes this is sufficient, and I don’t bother creating a custom message.

Sending a customized email

As long as they are shared members of the base, it’s simple to send them an email and customize it. Here’s how to add the date and the names of the attendees, for example

Run the test and see the finished product!

It’s not fancy, but it’s a reliable time saver! Set it up once, and never have to send another reminder. The sky is the limit to what kind of data or text you want to include. And when things change, your simple automation will be here ready for tweaking.

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