🎏 Sun July 11

⭕️ Daily Habit: Must check the box for each work session.

Continuing week 3 of livestreaming, 830-12 and 3-6 everyday

Check the box means I decide one task to complete each block. Check the box = reward. Don’t check the box = 20 burpees livestream.

No social, No internet or device usage except for whatever task I’m on. There will be plenty of exceptions for scheduled appts, etc. And breaks are ok, but not social or internet or play-on-device breaks.

☄️ WIG: Deliver the CRM project I’m working on.

Sat July 17: (Results)

⭕️ Daily Habit: Yeah win!

Well one day I was falling off but I was legit sick, and felt sick the entire day. That happens once / month or so, not too bad.

☄️ WIG: I actually finished a project and delivered it 😭 (tears of joy)

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