Beekeeper stats: July ‘21

Years doing it: 4

Stings to face: 3

Stings total: ~50

# of friends, neighbors, & kids who have helped out: 9

# of friends and kids stung: 3

… in the face… a lot: 1

Queens Euthanized: 2

Full frames of honey harvested: 1

Packages of bees+queens purchased: 3

Total $ invested: ~$1000

Avg # of hours invested per week: 1

“Free” Feral colonies captured in bait hives: 11

Trips to homes to remove yellow jackets 😒: 3

Trips to homes to “cutout” established colonies: 3

Trips to homes to remove proper swarms (not established) : 3

Colonies managed: 4 + 2 unmanaged (not at my property)

Newfound species of flowers and trees to love: 9

Newfound species of insect, mite, fungus, etc. to despise: 41

How often I tell my neighbors its not time to harvest honey: once / week

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