🎏 Sun June 20

🎏 Sun June 20

⭕️ Daily Habit: Something new! I will not be distracted from 830-12 and 3-6 every day. Starts Monday.

No social, No internet or device usage except for whatever task I’m on.

There will be plenty of exceptions for scheduled appts, etc. And breaks are ok, but not social or internet or play-on-device breaks. I expect a rocky start, mostly because I need to tweak some apps that currently send notifications at those times, and that might require some automating/scripting.

☄️ WIG: Still a secret. But I have an acctbility partner to share it with. 😃

❌ Sat June 26: I DID IT POORLY!

I failed hard on this, I kinda knew I would because I chose “ZERO” distractions. I knew If I said “No major distractions” I could cheat. And I also didn’t define distraction well enough. Sometimes I DO need to text with somebody at that time, and it’s distracting, but, sorta necessary. Anyway, I know how to fix for next week : )

Also I had two days of major social excursions. Those are rare wins for me, so other things taking a back seat was ok.


I worked hard on it, I really did. It’s one of the hardest projects I’ve ever had to undertake, it’s all the things I’m worst at combined. But I made HUGE progress, and am determined to finished in the next two weeks.

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