🎏 Sun June 13

 Sat June 19: I did it! (below)

Tuesday was an internet emergency day. It wasn’t working. So I didn’t have music. Also for my top project I needed a task running in the background on my computer, and it had stopped. So I was hard at work, and on time, but not at my desk. 

 WIG: Progress…

I underestimated the time needed to complete my wildly important goal(s). And they are both projects that benefit from being on simmer.

 Sun June 13

Habit: This week I will START THE TIMER at my desk at 830 sharp every day. 

Because I got there on time last week, but still didn’t start working. 

Same stakes and rewards I think.

 WIG: It’s a secret. Also finish last week’s project re: CRM

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