Step #2 CRM: Clarify The Journey – From the family’s point of view

You should now have the first draft of your customer’s journey. Here’s an example of a first draft.

  • Advertising
  • Contact – Receive first email
  • Send WhatsApp
  • Personal contact
  • Schedule tour
  • Remind about tour
  • Receive application
  • Schedule interview

We will represent this journey in Airtable using the famed Kanban. This is not a decision made for mere asthetics. It’s important to determine the 1-to-1 relaionships in databases. No matter how many other pieces of data or reminders you will need about them on their journey, Bob’s Family can only be in one of these stages at a time.

Imagine moving Bob’s Family from left to right. In this example, you’ll find that not every step really involves Bob.

For example: Bob scheduled a tour and you want to be reminded to remind him about it before it occurs. Somewhere you need that reminder with Bob’s name and info on it. We will get to that, but it doesn’t go here. Save that first draft, it was not a waste of time! If you felt like it was important to outline a process , there is a good reason, and we will make sure to incorporate it in the system

For now, we will only include the steps on Bob’s journey from his point of view.

This updated view shows the steps from Bob’s perspective. All of the actions and reminders your team needs will be built around his “one step at a time” journey. Having fewer stages for their journey also limits how ofter we have to update Airtable. We might have 6 things to do before the tour, but those are events we want Airtable to tell US about, not the other way around.

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