🎏 Sun June 6

βœ… Sat June 12: I did it! (below)

🎏 Sun June 6: This week I will be at my desk at 830 sharp every day.

I’m off to a good start! (ignore the overall percent, it’s a long story)


  • Daily reward for doing: High five? I have trouble thinking of rewards.
  • Daily punishment if fail: trash half of delicious morning snack.
  • Week reward: Hmm, I’ll just put a $ amount on it. It’s worth $100. So I might spend that on myself or on someone else, charity.
  • Week punishment: Post video of doing 20 burpees, all in one set.

The above is about a daily habit. I will also complete this most important project / task: deliver crm and blog about it.

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