Arthur Morgan is a VERY unique middle school near Asheville, NC

I had a quick call with a very knowledgeable staff member who worked at AMS for over 5 years and was able to share various ups and downs they’ve experienced.

It’s a boarding school

Some parents may visit on weekends but others are not local.

It’s a farm school

Pics here

It’s a true community

There’s an intentional community around it, although the school is its own community. The teachers live at the school.

It’s small

Only 28 students (their max) are currently enrolled, and the student-teacher ratio is almost 2:1!

Unique for this age bracket

There are some high schools like this, like the Olney Friends school in Barnesville, OH.

Or Scattergood in West Branch, IA.

These are also Quaker Friends schools.


Some students and faculty want the school to be more democratic and let the kids have even more autonomy. That would be more like the Sudbury model.

There’s no boss. Downsides include more difficulty keeping the team oriented, and firing people who are problematic.

There are job openings!

People in the area can go teach an elective, or to get hired to cook, for example. Looks like it is definitely worth a visit!

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