Bringing the cost of “school” down to $1k/yr

The average cost for operating a private school is triangulated to range between $17,000 and $81,000 per child per year. This is a reasonable estimate given that the government of the united states spends roughly $12,509 per public school student and that private schools are known to be expensive

Eliminate facilities cost via home care?

Currently, the absolute cheapest home care for an infant in the USA is in Mississippi @ $3.5k per year.

Family child care homes in Mississippi serve five or fewer unrelated children in a residence and are not regulated or inspected by the state.

At $1k per year per kid, one person supervising 10 kids would earn $10k. Less than ~15k minimum wage.

Doesn’t work.

Maybe I’m assuming wrong, and stuffing more kids into a warehouse-sized facility is the way to reduce costs.

The Wal-Mart method

This is Yeshiva Avir Yakov

With almost 5000 kids, we would generate $5 million per year!


Maintaining a 1:25 teacher student ratio (ballpark average of state’s requirements) would require 200 teachers. At minimum wage thats $3 million in staff expenses per year. Leaving a whopping $2 million to cover facilities!

To be continued…

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