The Teachers’ Monopoly

Most kids go to public schools.

**What’s your relationship with public institutions like? **

Maybe you interact with them only when you have to, like when you go to the DMV or court. Or maybe you work for a public institution. How is it? “It’s a job”, right? Not too exciting, not too fulfilling, but you sure appreciate having a paycheck…

Now imagine if you had to show up every day, but you didn’t get a paycheck…

That’s school.

We can’t have massive government programs without tons of people working there. And when it comes to jobs working with kids in traditional schools, almost all of the kids are spending almost all of their time with just one kind. Teachers.

Becoming a teacher is a very straightforward process. You get the degree and you’re in. It’s hard to get fired. And nobody is looking for innovation.

Think of all of the things that you could teach a 6-year-old or a 12-year-old or teen, (whichever you vibe with). Consider what you’re good at and what excites you, and imagine if you spent just one hour every day teaching it. You’d be good at it!*

*if you don’t hate kids. Some people hate kids. Some people hate dogs!

You are already a great teacher, given the right context. But as long as the government and teachers unions have a monopoly on teaching, there isn’t a job opening (or demand) for the rest of us. Imagine the excellent teachers you could have had, or your child could have, without the current teachers’ monopoly!

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