How I stopped fearing loss of privacy online

I used to try to keep every personal detail off the internet for fear of an invasion of privacy.

I have since accepted that the cost of being private is not worthy the benefit. I was missing out on the upside of the internet: connecting to people.

Mindsets that helped me get out of the mindset:

The weirder you are 🙋‍♂️ the less likely you are to have like-minded neighbors or coworkers. I plan on traveling to find a closer knit community that the one I’m in today, but what will take me a year in the real world I could do in a week online.

Think of all the mega-celebrities, who have no privacy, and have had major public screw ups, and yet we still tolerate or respect them. Even the most infamous ones, who we love to hate, are still standing.

You’re going to die someday. When we unearth Benjamin Franklin’s secret diary (I’m just picking a random famous person), and all his weird perverted inner thoughts are on display, ok… so? Of the percent of people who will find out, what percent actually care? Of the percent who care, what percent can/will do anything about it? What will they do? Shout at his grave? Harass his great great grandkids? Compared to how many who will celebrate him/them…

The ultimate security, freedom from persecution, is to do more good than bad. Make positive headlines to counteract any negative ones. Just be a good person, which we are all fully capable of, own your screw ups and let those blunders add to the beauty of your story.

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