Why Omnifocus is a Must, for me

Things to know and love about Omnifocus
1. It’s private
2. Super fast bonjour sync, never has sync problems, super fast capture on any Apple device
3. It’s a database (not an infinite-tools database like airtable) but…
4. Being a database plus having great Siri Shortcuts (and applescript) means it gets better with use. You can trust shortcuts you make for it.

5. The pricing is reasonable. You can own it.

6. Support is good. I’ve even called them on the phone. Unlike a company like Apple, they have the integrity to say “Oh yeah that’s a bug (or not quite right feature), sorry”. Thank you for the honesty! for example

The list of things I don’t like about Omnifocus could fill pages. But.

It’s kind of like a marriage.

I can’t live without these features, and they’re 100% reliable. If I need to adjust my ways of thinking to accommodate, so be it.

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