Nothing can hurt you

You can only lose
in the context of a game. Not in the broader context, the pervasive context, of reality.

Thoughts are like bumper cars. Behaviors and individuals are like bumper cars. You can get in the game, you can get in the ring and bump around, and so can your thoughts and personas.

It’s very jarring. Quite often, unless you hang around on the outskirts…

There’s no outcome of the bumper cars that can affect the ultimate context which is, for example, the fair. The park itself. There’s nothing that the bumper cars can do to harm the ground they’re driving on. Or the ground under the platform that they’re driving on.

There can be no figure without ground.

The buddhists say that form is emptiness, they are interdependent.

By recognizing this, you gain an insight or awareness of the nature of the ground. Typically it’s out of view. The pilot of the bumper car seeing the support of the ground beneath him, he’s seeing targets.

The ground, the background, is pervasive. It’s not just everywhere that you are but it’s the media you grow out of. To call it a creator introduces some type of agency and direction, or directive. You wouldn’t call the dirt in your garden, the creator of the plants.

Understanding that form is emptiness leads to the realization that nothing can hurt you. That the world of form is no different from a game like bumper cars.

Nothing can hurt the ground.

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