Let’s Practice Together; Letting Go

I’m really glad you’re here. Really truly glad you’re here. It’s gonna be a good one.

Apparently, the Buddha said something like the root cause of suffering has something to do with grasping or clinging or attachment. I say apparently because, you know, what do I know? And even if he said that stuff, it probably wasn’t in American English, so what do we know?

So the cessation (of that claim) is apparently the way to end suffering. So I thought, let’s try it out! 

What’s the opposite of grasping? What’s the opposite of clinging? Letting go!

So let’s brainstorm. You, me. Let’s brainstorm some things that we can let go of right now.

What that would look like and just see what it feels like. See if we’re on to anything here.

So what can you let go of?

 I’ll throw out some ideas, I’ll just let you grab a pen and paper and think about

What you can let go of.

 What is there that you feel like you’re really hanging on tight to?

Just practice. Just pretend. Imagine just letting go of that clinging for a little while and see where that puts you. See how you feel.

What if you let go of the rules of meditation?

What If you let go of the need to be on time? 

Or combining those ideas, the timeliness of your meditation? Like how long you do it? When you do it? What if let go of that.

What other practices do you do? Or would you like to do? 

And maybe you have some voices in your head from experts.

I’m not saying burn them all down, I’m just saying let go of them. 

What would your yoga practice look like if you let go of some of those voices and did it your way?

When you’re sitting what would it look like if you let go of

The tension in your muscles?

 What would it look like if you just slouched?

Or Let go of those rules?

 What are you thinking? 

What in your life Can you let go of?

 just as a thought experiment right now,

What if while you’re meditating you let go of the desire to get somewhere or the desire to really focus on the breath, and what if you just let go of that? 

And instead, you know, just observed it? or when thoughts come in, you let go then too, but you also let go of the

Aversion to those thoughts.

 What if you let go of painful memories from the past? A bad dream. 

Or what if you let go of your comparison of yourself to others? 

What if you let go of your ambitions?

 What if you let go of the idea that you should be a better person tomorrow or that you should get somewhere?

What if you let go of the things you’re proud of? Like you have some knowledge and expertise that people come to you for and it feels good to talk about what you know about… 

What if you let go of that and you became a beginner again?

 I’m thinking about music in my mind. I’m kind of a music snob. People ask me about music & I have a lot to say about it. What if I just let go of all that? What if I’m not a music snob? What if I just like music and that’s all I have to say about that?

Scan your body for tension, And see if you can let go of that. Anywhere.

 Could be muscle muscles around your eyes, jaw, tongue, throat, shoulders, all these muscles. 

What if you let go of the fear of judgment or disapproval?

 What else? Shout something out.

 What is it? That you could let go of?

 just in this thought experiment

Are you a creator? 

Are you an artist? 

What if you let go of the rules there?

 Go back to chalk on the sidewalk. And then, when it washes away its All right. Let go of it. 

I like that analogy because it kind of puts us again in that beginner’s mindset, it’s childlike. 

And I think as children, we all had to do a lot of letting go of things.

 Because the moment we learned something, we found out it was something else, the moment we acquired something, we found out, we couldn’t keep it. There, we’re always learning and growing, even if things were boring. Next thing you know, you hit puberty, next thing you know, your brain grows a new department. So your identity was constantly shifting. Now it feels solid, but what if you let go of it?

What if you let go of your identity?

 Let me know what you think. 

It’s just an experiment, we’re just testing out the idea that grasping is the cause of suffering, testing out letting go. 

You can test this out every day, every moment, but especially in meditation.

 While meditating, you can let go of the errands that you have to run to, let go of the disturbances from yesterday. And you can practice the simplest thing which is breathing. 

And by practicing breathing, which couldn’t be simpler, right? But if we’re grasping then the breath reflects that. 

If we’re anxious, the breath reflects that

 if we’re depressed

 if we’re hung up, 

if we’re attached,

 if we’re pushing something away

 or wanting to pull it close,

 The breath reflects that.

 So just breathing and practicing breathing is a way of returning to that kind of blank slate, 

that beginner’s mind, that childlike place. 

Thats the Practice! 

So give it a try, doesn’t cost you anything.

 Let me know how it works for you. And please come back tomorrow. Come sit with me. I hope you have a Beautiful day. I’ll see you tomorrow, bye.

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