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“This is a very serious disorder … ADHD is no gift. There is no evidence in any research on any of hundreds of measures that we have taken that show that ADHD predisposes to anything positive in human life.” – Russell Barkley

Info I find myself returning to:

Podcasts: I haven’t heard any excellent ones. If you have, let me know.


Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.: Stopping the Rollar Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder  – Gina Pera

This video is just useful for grabbing newcomers’ attention. Obviously an anecdote of two kids talking is not meant to prove anything.

Jessica provides good info in a fun format. This video includes Brendan Mahan, he’s another good resource.

Russel Barkley is my #1 resource.

Caveat: he has conflicting interest because he says he has worked with every major drug company! I think that has more to do with him being the leading expert than being an evil drug pusher : p

This first video is shorter.

But if you watch the following two videos, you’ll get it all. I highly recommend them.

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