Oops missed my cue today

I was experimenting with some live video ideas and got a little carried away. I said in my second post re: “farming” that my biggest hurdle would be over-booking new habits.
this week I am all fired up about publishing content and I have 100 different ideas from blogging like this to video to platforms I haven’t used before like Instagram to tweeting a lot…  I’m also working on a new habit of having more intentional daily conversations with people.
In this type of situation, it’s important to face the reality that I can’t have it all. Nobody can do it all.  rather than beat myself up about failing in any of these ventures I will focus on rewarding myself for trying.
I will also use some objective criteria, or just some honest examination, to determine what I think has the most impact. And by doing that I can at least eliminate one or two of my ideas.

I can feel the resistance there, and that’s a sunk cost mindset. Because I plan something or because I told myself I should do something or because I took the time to print out certain goals, it’s easy to over value them. Especially as someone who suffers from having too many ideas and not following through (adhd).
but even this process is getting more comfortable, the process of killing an idea or a project when it’s just a week old, for the right reasons.

Trust In the continued abundance of opportunities and ideas available to you, play with a few, pick one, and do it.

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