Farming the habit

(The auto correct in the title made me laugh. It stays)

Another critical step for habit formation is to schedule the time. A to-do list is not enough. There needs to be a time in the day when I am triggered to do some blogging, or some other content creation.

OK, Right after my morning meditation. It’s not perfect, I’ll be tempted to do it on the cushion, and that’s a slippery slope to distracting from meditation.

More specifically: Right before I start my “one thing” Work for the day. Yes, I think it may be that important! And once I start studying and working and listening to symphonic masterpieces, well I don’t always come back to a spacious mindful awareness until The next morning. And that’s the ideal place to be creating from.

now I need some type of Cue… (if you wondering about the strange capitalization of letters it’s due to dictation). All right I’m putting a bright red B on the top of my morning “one thing” sheets. All right I’m putting a bright red B on the top of my morning “one thing“ sheets.

it’s not ideal, but if it works just 75% of the time for the first 10 days or so, I will consider that a win.

The biggest hurdle to my long-term success is probably the fact that I try to install many new habits at once. So I’m trying to change a lot over the next week or two and I suspect maybe one out of five “brilliant“ ideas will stick. it’s a frustrating process but pretty effective

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