Purpose / Inspiration

My podcast is nice for¬†spreading some useful information and hopefully letting the world know what I’m about, but it has been too long since I worked with kids outside of my own neighborhood and social circle.

I have worked with kids in so many settings. Sports coach, after school programs, hospitals, tutor, music teacher, private preschools, youth groups… and few of those environments are in true alignment with what the kids want, and what I want for them: PLAY.¬†Unstructured, free, messy, creative play. So I decided to just create my own volunteer job.


Establish or at least ‘plant the seeds’ for other parents/groups to start a Play Club as described by LetGrow.org. 3 month deadline. I would like to travel in 2020, so I want to give this project the biggest push I can in that time, but it’s already the end of October…


Me. I don’t have kids. I’m a single guy who is not particularly well-connected to local parent groups. I just began conquering my Facebookphobia this year. So I don’t have a big network I can rely on to support this kind of project.

The world.¬†Look outside. Any kids out there? It’s pandemic.

Progress calendar

My primary project is to publish/polish the podcast, so this project has had a slower start this quarter.

Step #1: Find partner(s), I’m not even going to try to sell this idea on my own.

W1 Brainstorming, and going to meetups to find people who might be interested. Learned about local intentional community startup.

W2 Contact Lua Wells (local librarian and homeschooling/unschooling TED talker) to ask for a meeting. She had mentioned having availability to promote/speak with me on former ALC / Free School project. Started contacting others who have started playclubs, lots of research, and sent another note to the quiet forums at letgrow.

W3 Met with Lua Wells Looking for a collaboration. She mentioned Free Forest School.

W4 Decided not to wait until I start a Play Club to volunteer with kids, applied to volunteer with pediatric hospice in the meantime. Heavily researched Free Forest Schools (I was out of the loop on this) and asked for phone call with local founder/facilitator Sam Isgar.

Step #2: Join Existing FFS, have conversations about how I can help.

W5 Connect with FFS national director Irene Dooling and ask for other volunteer opportunities within the group. Visit the FFS “pop-up”


W1 Scout for new hire to help me with all of these projects. I now have two people to help directly with my passion projects, and one coach.

W2 Accept role as facilitator at local FFS. Exciting! But nobody showed up : ( Orient team.

Step #3: Compare existing local group with others, re-evaluate alternatives.

W3 Chatted w Lenore Skenazy re: Letgrow Project and how I might serve there. Reaching out to other playclubs for chat and/or podcast. Look for ways to support SC free range bill







What happened? I got more excited about a different project.